Descendants provide new info on builders

Emma, _Gustave_and August Wedell, circa 1899

Familes of the workers and contractors who built the Minnesota State Capitol continue to provide the project with new information on their ancestors. 

The descedants of Capitol laborer August Wedell contributed a treasure trove of information and images related to him and his family.  See his story under Featured Biographies. A chance meeting with Lisa Wedell Ueki at the East Side Freedom Library led to an exchange of resources with Lisa, her brother Micahel Wedell, sister Linda Mulhern and uncle, Bob Wdell, yielding a more in depth understanding of Swedish immigrants, their work life and their community in St. Paul.

Mary Jane Wahlberg Hand provided information on her grandfather, Arvid Wahlberg, revealing his role as a founder of a granite company in St. Cloud and his wife's work for a Minnesota governor.



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