New Links to Capitol Restoration Project


Restoration work on spiral stairs at Capitol, 2015
Work on spiral stairs during restoration project, northeast corner of Capitol
Photo courtesy of Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project


A new Educators page on the Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project website prominently features content from this website and many links to it at

The page was creaed by Cathy Klima, Communications Officer for the Restoration project and represents the continuing collaboration of this historical project with the Minnesota State Capitol Historic Site and the Department of Admistration effort to restore the building. 


 Browse the Capitol Restoration project website

 Check out behind-the-scenes photos on Flickr

Cathy is also writing an ongoing blog about aspects of the original Minnesota Capitol construction, featuring historical summaries.

Interactive Module

The StarTribune has created an interactive module about the Capitol restoration. Explore the Capitol as it now stands, the Capitol under construction, and hints of what is to be. See 360-degree pictures floor by floor, maps and more. It has many pictures of the Capitol before the restoration started.