Teacher workshop, 5:45 Tues. Jan 27 at MN History Center

Teachers in grades 6-12 are invited to register for a one-hour Sources and Scholars program featuring primary sources and classroom ideas, and then attend the free History Lounge, for two hours of learning!

More information and registration at http://education.mnhs.org/sources-and-scholars-who-built-our-capitol

Join us from 5:45-6:45 p.m. to learn about primary sources related to the construction of the Minnesota State Capitol building and the people who built it. The Lounge features Randy Croce, Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, who will discuss the lives of the builders of the Capitol and the creation of the documentary, "Who Built Our Capitol?" and accompanying teacher resources. Education Outreach staff will share classroom activity ideas using those resources. Sources will focus on labor and immigration in the early 20th century. Teachers will then attend the History Lounge at 7:00 p.m., to learn more from Mr. Croce about the builders and the making of the documentary.

This pre-Lounge event is intended for teachers of grades 6-12, and all pre-Lounge participants are expected to attend the Lounge at 7:00. Participants will receive two clock hours for attending the events.

The fee for the workshop is $10 and the 7pm lecture is free.  The session takes place at the Minnesota History Center, 345 Kellogg Blv. W., St. Paul, MN 55102.

Please contact Jessica Ellison with questions.