Rolling Credits from the Video Documentary

Script, Camera & Editing:

  • Randy Croce

Sound Editing & Mixing:

  • Chase Brandau


  • Don Shelby

Audio Engineering:

  • Jim May, Sound 80

Rathskeller German Mottoes Reading:

  • Enrique Gentzsch


  • Jeff Kaufer

 Additional Video Footage:

  • Pietro Bianchi
  • Gus Ganley
  • Howard Kling, Labor Education Service
  • Georgia Marble Company
  • Luigi Calderoni,
  • Museo dello Scalpellino,
  • courtesy: Comune di Madonna del Sasso



Descendants of Capitol Construction Era Workers

  • Marvin Roger Anderson
  • Jennifer Bangoura
  • Jerry Blakey
  • Patrick Butler
  • John Danneker
  • Julie Kierstine
  • Elaine Olson Ekstedt
  • Dorothy and Michelle Manke,
  • Dave and Janet McAllister
  • Linda Olson
  • Howard Vetter


Architecture, Construction and History

  • Dan Berry
  • Kelley J. Casey
  • Marvin “Hoss” Edge
  • Stefano Follega
  • Gerald Hughes
  • Glen Johnson
  • Ginny Lackovic
  • Josef Dvorak Landsberger
  • Frank May
  • Harry Melander



  • Aldrich Public Library, Barre, VT 
  • Banning State Park
  • Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1
  • Cathedral of Saint Paul
  • Celeste R. Raspanti, Archivist 
  • Cass Gilbert Society
  • Ted Lentz, President
  • Marjorie Pearson, Historian
  • Chaska Historical Society
  • CSPS Hall
  • Joe Landsberger, Archivist
  • Fred Danner Collection, Le Sueur County
  • Emory University Archives
  • Georgia State Archives
  • Georgianna E. Herman Center for Human Resources & Labor Studies Library, University of Minnesota
  • Brenda Carriere, Director
  • HGA Architects & Engineers/Michael J. Bjornberg & Ginny Lackovic
  • Immigration History Research Center-University of Minnesota/Daniel Necas, Archivist
  • Le Sueur County Historical Society/Kathy Burns, Coordinator
  • Library of Congress
  • Marble Valley Historical Society, GA/Mimi Jo Hill Butler (deceased), President Emeritus, Ruth Wall, President, Robert L. Butler, Sue Cochran
  • Minnesota Historical Society/Deborah Miller, Reference Specialist
  • Minnesota State Capitol Historic Site/Brian Pease, Site Manager
  • Julie Davis, Researcher
  • il Museo Emigrazione Gente di Toscana
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  • The Pickens Progress, Dan Pool, Editor
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  • Winona County Historical Society/Walt Bennick and Andy Bloedorn, Archivists
  • Winona County Offices/Bob Bambenek, Recorder, Nancy Johnson, Deputy Recorder
  • Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives



 Each of the interviewed descendants

  • Archie Anderson: family photos 
  • Hyman Berman, History Professor Emeritus, Univ. of MN
  • Douglas Blackmon, Author, Slavery by Another Name
  • Tom Blanck, Architect: Capitol Commission photographs
  • Karen Butler: Family photos 
  • Peter Butler: Family history 
  • Twiss Butler: Family history, memoir and photos 
  • Steve Cox, Teacher, Washington Middle School, St. Paul 
  • Prof. Robert S. Davis, Dir., Family & Regional History Wallace State Community College, AL 
  • Steve Fore, Harley Meyer & Duane Olson-JE Dunn Capitol Site Superintendents
  • Kenneth Frank:  Research
  • Linda Woodward Geiger: Research, GA
  • Mike Hazard, Video Consultant
  • Harvey Jaeger, Project Mgr., MN-Real Estate and Construction Services Administration 
  • Sharon Jenson, Community Relations Director-Cold Spring Granite Company
  • Janet Johnson, Finance Office, CSOM, U of MN
  • Michael Justin, Archaeologist
  • Minnesota Historical Society/David Grabitske & Joseph Hoover - Outreach Services, John Fulton  & Melinda Hutchinson - Grants
  • Labor Education Service-Barb Kucera, Director, Howard Kling, Media Director, Sharice McCain, Exec. Office and Admin. Specialist
  • Kathleen Laughlin, Video Consultatnt
  • Larry Marcus: Photographer
  • Monica Martner: Transcriptions
  • Eric Mortenson, Photo Lab Supervisor, MHS
  • Frank May: Researcher, GA
  • Bob Milani:  Stonecutters history, GA
  • Peter Rachleff, History Dept., Macalester College
  • John Ray, Quarry railroad track builder
  • Lynne Smith: photos, GA
  • Jim Vetter, Manager, Vetter Stone
  • Mark Wickstrom, Stonecutter 


The music for the soundtrack comes mainly from the period of the Minnesota Capitol's construction, much of it written and/or published in St. Paul.

Works arranged and performed by

Julie Ayer, violin and Susan Billmeyer, piano

Audio Engineering: Steve Kaul, Wild Sound


The Appeal Grand Triumphal March

by William A Weir, WJ Dyer & Co., St. Paul, 1892


Autumn Leaves Mazurka

by Mary Gridley (Northfield MN)

Sherman and Hyde, San Francisco, 1874


Four Romantic Pieces, Op. 75

by Antonin Dvorak


Fyra Sma Grisar Gingo ut pa vift

(Four Little Pigs Went Out on the Lose)

by Fru Anna Lundberg

Musiktidnings Forlag , Minneapolis


German Country Dance No.1 in C Major

by Ludwig Van Beethoven


Peacherino Three-Step

by Harry Delafield

Professional Music Pub. Co., New York & St. Paul


Sonata in F Major for Violin and Piano, Op. 8

by Edvard Grieg


Snelling March and Two-Step

by Schürer Werner

Schürer Werner, St. Paul, 1904


The Suzanne Waltz

by K. Maud Clum

WJ Dyer & Bro., St. Paul,1899


Topsy Two-Step

by Libbie Erickson

Royal Music Co., St. Paul,1903


Works arranged and performed by

Butch Thompson, piano

Audio Engineering:

Steve Kaul, Wild Sound


All That I Ask Is Love

by Herbert Ingraham

Marice Shapiro, NY, 1910


Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain

by Mary S. Shindler,1842


In the Dark

by Bix Beiderbecke

Robins Music, New York, 1931


Maple Leaf Rag

by Scott Joplin

John Stark and Son, 1899


Minnesota Street Rag and March

by Fred Swanson

American Music Publishing, St. Paul, 1903


Several improvisations


Battle Cry of Freedom

by George F. Root

Played by the National Military Band

courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


Battle Hymn of the Republic/John Brown's Body

by C. S. Marsh

Published by C.S. Hall, 1861

Arranged and conducted by Frank Bencriscutto

Centennial Alumni Band, University of Minnesota


Black Gal

Ed Lewis and group of prisoners

(Traditional, Arr. Ed Lewis)

Global Jukebox Publishing (BMI)

The Alan Lomax Collection at The American Folklife Center, The Library of Congress. Used by Permission from

The Association for Cultural Equity.


Chanson d'Autrefois

by Gabriel Pierné, arr. Marcel Mule

Performed by the Ancia Quartet

courtesy: David Milne


McAbee's Railroad Piece

Palmer McAbee, harmonica


Pisni ka eska and Lvi Silou

Performed by Sokol Singers

Provided by Frank Trnka

courtesy: Czech & Slovak Sokol Minnesota



by Claudio Grafulla, arr. W.R. Baccus and T.L. Cornet

Performed by the Dodworth Saxhorn Band


Solace - A Mexican Serenade

by Scott Joplin

Seminary Music, 1909

Performed by Ancora Brass Quintet

courtesy: Walking Frog Records



Trad., Arranged and performed by

Dan Chouinard, accordion

Engineering: Richard Stachow



  • This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
  • Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies, Carlson School, University of Minnesota
  • International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Washington, DC
  • International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1
  •  North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
  •  Education Minnesota Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  •  International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49
  •  Sheet Metal Workers Local 10
  •  Teamsters Joint Council 32


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