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Who Built Our Minnesota State Capitol Building?


Project Bibliography


Randy Croce

David Riehle

John Sielaff,

Victoria H. Woodcock


March 2011

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This document is a compilation of most of the sources of information we consulted in support of the “Who Built Our Capitol?” project being carried out by the Labor Education Service of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities as of the end of the first research stage in 2011. This document contains information about the following types of primary and secondary research materials: newspapers, photographs, census records, web sites and books, and was obtained from the Minnesota Historical Society, the Marble Valley Historical Society and Museum, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Minnesota Genealogical Society, and numerous individuals. These scraps of information have slowly come together to paint a picture of the lives of the individuals who worked on the Capitol building, and for five men, their deaths on the work site.


Victoria Woodcock, MS, MLIS – researcher, report author

March 2011


Other Researchers:

Randy Croce (Project Director)

David Riehle

John Sielaff




The following newspapers are in microform format at the Minnesota Historical Society Microfilm Library, Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Search terms:

Hennepin County (Minn.)—Newspapers

Labor Unions—Minnesota—Minneapolis--Newspapers

Minneapolis (Minn.)—Newspapers

Minnesota State Federation of Labor--Newspapers

Ramsey County (Minn.)—Newspapers

Saint Paul (Minn.)—Newspapers

Saint Paul Trades and Labor Assembly (Saint Paul, Minn.)--Newspapers

Trades and Labor Assembly of Minneapolis


Anchor and Shield (A.O.U.W.) & The AOUW Guide

Publication dates

Newspapers devoted to the Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal order that sold life insurance to working class white men (no women, no African Americans) and also provided social entertainments for its members. From lists of chapter affiliates, it was probably a large organization. Criteria for joining usually printed on front page.


Afro-American Advance

Publication dates: 1899-1905

Articles of interest to African American community in Twin Cities. No mention of capitol construction




Publication dates

Newspaper coverage of the Hamline area of St. Paul. International, national news. Some neighborhood news. No mention of capitol construction or working men or women.


Saint Paul Dispatch




-May 7, 1896, page 5/”First Sod is Cut:” ground breaking for capitol building.


-same date and page/ “To A Saint Paul Man:” awarding of foundation contract to George J. Grant.


-May 14, 1896, page 8/Photograph of groundbreaking ceremony.


-May 28, 1896, page 5/”Seventeen Want It: That Many Would Be Superintendent of Construction:” mentions the names of the men who applied for this position.


-July 23, 1897, last page/”On The Grand Order:” full page artists rendering of the interior of the chambers of the Senate, Court, and House of Representatives.


-July 21, 1897 page 5/”Carnival of Fun:” List of events surrounding the laying of the capitol cornerstone.


-July 28,1897 front page/”Stone in Place.”


-August 2, 1897, page 5/”Capitol Building Finances.”


-same date and page/”Of Georgia Marble:” comparison of Minnesota granite and Georgia marble.


-June 25, 1903/”Head Long to His Death:” Death of John Corregan.


-January 2, 1905/”Swarming on the New Hive:” political cartoon showing the opening of the capitol building.


-August 16, 1897, front page/ “It Is Settled:” choice of Georgia marble for the exterior.


Saint Paul Pioneer Press


See articles cited in Appendix 3: Accidental Deaths and Appendix 4: People Involved in Building the MN State Capitol



The Minneapolis Journal

Publication dates: 1888-1939


-August 3, 1897, pg. 6/ “Home-Grown Stone.”

-same date and page/”That Capitol Stone:” article about organized labor.


-September 1, 1897, front page/”In A Shell of Marble.”

-same date, page 4/” The Capitol Stone:” editorial about out of state materials.


-September 2, 1897, front page/ political cartoon-shows out of work Minnesota quarry man



-August 28, 1897/”No Georgia Marble:” article about organized labor’s opposition to Georgia marble being used in state capitol building construction.


The Minneapolis Tribune


-August 4 1902, p. 6/ 400 men working on capitol; “Last marble laid:” Stoneworkers strike over non-union blacksmith


-January 28, 1904/ “All Join Together: Contractors and laborers unite in fight against Capitol Commission” Painting and decorator companies and workers protest against Capitol Commission using outside painters


See also articles cited in Appendix 3: Accidental Deaths and Appendix 4: People Involved in Building the MN State Capitol


The Minnesota Union Advocate

Publication dates: February 5, 1897 – December 28, 1900


-April 28, 1897/Local Events: article about how work on the new government building would provide work for local bricklayers.


-June 25, 1897/”Of Native Stone:”article demanding the use of Minnesota stone in the new capitol building construction. “Mass Meeting:” union resolution to support the use of Minnesota stone.


-September 3, 1897/Labor Day issue. A number of articles about female union leaders.


The Laborer/ The Socialist Party of Minnesota


No local information on labor or working men in St. Paul or Ramsey county. Consists mostly of national news, a lot of Socialist ideologies explained.


The Saint Paul Daily Globe

Publication dates:


-May 6, 1898, page 4/”Only Lived a Few Hours:” article about the death of Felix Arthur.


-May 21, 1899/” Some Bad Accidents:” article about the injury of William (Vernon)Cole and the death of Michael McNierney.


-April 28, 1900/” One Dead, One Injured:” article about the death of Albert Swanson.


-June 30, 1900, page 2/”Capitol Accidents Fall:” article about the death of Florian Zauner.


-January 3, 1905/full page on the opening of the new capitol building.


The Saint Paul Union Advocate

Publication dates:


Paper consists of national news items, essays on why organized labor was important-local news largely devoted to local union meetings. Classified ads consisted of union supported business.


-Friday, January 2, 1903/Woman’s issue


-many missing issues. Mostly reprints of articles of national labor interest. Very brief blurbs of local union meetings.


The Union/Official Organ of the Minneapolis Trades and Labor Assembly

Publication dates: 1894-1907




Miscellaneous Records


Death Records


Coroner’s Record Books, 1901-1975

State Archives of Ramsey County

Record ID: 001735745

John Carrington (AKA Corigton, Corregan, Bowdin, or Bowden)

Post Mortem Examination Record/J. Ohage, MD

June 25, 1903.


Minnesota Health Department

Death Record Cards 1900

Saint Paul

Ramsey County

Microfilm Roll 12, A-R

Alfred Magnuson (AKA L. Magnuson) Death Card


Minnesota Health Department

Death Record Cards 1900

Saint Paul

Ramsey County

Microfilm Roll 13, S-Z

Albert Swanson Death Card

Florian Zauner (AKA Florane Zauner) Death Card

Labor Union Records

Search Terms

-labor and laboring classes—Minnesota

-labor unions—Minnesota-Saint Paul


International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 36

Saint Paul, Minn.

Organizational records for 1903-1907


Carpenter’s and Joiners Brotherhood of America, Local 87

Organizational records consisting of:

-   Union meeting minute books,

-   Local membership and dues records,

-   financial records, and daybooks.



Vol. 22

-this is a detailed record of dues payment on the part of union members. Shows name and date of initiation, birth date, and record of payment.



-Membership and visitor records. Names and addresses of members from other locals who have traveled to the Twin Cities to work. Very extensive record. Dated 1899-1920s.


Vol. 58

-Day book summary of expenses. The pages are very full of members names. Many members working at this time.


Vol. 50

Record Book begins in 1885

-Very detailed record of expenses. Shows receipts on the left page expenses on the right.


Vol. 57

Day book

-shows records of payments by members. Very detailed. Includes summaries of payments and expenditures.


Vol. 55

Ledger book-pages cut out

Bricklayers, Masons, and Cement Blocklayers, Local 1

Organizational records for 1882-1950.


P-6, Box 2, book labeled Vol.2

-   correspondance and related records,

-   -traveling cards,

-   certificates of deposit,

-   secretary’s record books. Some mention of where the men were working but nothing on the capitol site. Does contain the names and addresses of individual members. Also contains lists of men who were delinquent with their dues payments.


-Resolution adopted that supports the use of home materials on new capitol building.


P-6, Box 4, Day Books

Vol. 16

-Account books of the union local #1. Detailed records of local income and disbursements.


Vol. 18

-Names of scab bricklayers and amount of their fine ($50).


Vol. 17

-Extensive record of traveling cards, correspondence.

-Names of members and their dues payments.


Vol. 14

-Names and addresses of union members and names of individual(s) to whom death benefits were to be paid.


Vol. 6

-meeting minutes


Records representing severalMinnesota bricklayers, stonecutters, masons, mosaic and tile layers unionsstored at theMinneapolis office of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union Local 1, 1888-1996

See Appendix 5 for list of all volumes and some entries relevant to Capitol and the local’s address.


Records representing several sheet metal and related unions in Minnesota, 1895-1967,stored at the officesof Sheet Metal Workers Local 10, Maplewood, MN

See Appendix 5 for list of all volumes and an entry relevant to Capitol and the local’s address.


St. Paul Building and Construction Trades Council

     No longer has any records from the Capitol construction era








Address Books


Minneapolis-Saint Paul City Address Books

Dual City Blue Books, 1897-1898 (Household directories)


This particular book contained the following information:

pg. 3-“Hints on Etiquette”

pg. 24-25-City government officials and their addresses

pg. 25-Fire department

pg. 27-List if all churches

pg. 33-Social clubs

pg. 35-Names and addresses of newspapers

pg. 43-65-Streets and avenues in St. Paul

pg. 247-St.Paul shopping guide


Other Files Relating to Capitol Construction


Minnesota’s New Capitol, America’s Most Artistic Building and the Handsomest West of the Alleghenies

Call # F613.S82 N656 1904-Unavailable


Minnesota Historical Society Sound and Visual Collection/Charles W. Jerome Photographic Albums

Album #- Exterior and Interior Photos of Minnesota Capitol Building

Call # II.16


Specifications of the General Construction, State Capitol Building for State of Minnesota, located in City of St. Paul

Author: Minnesota: Board of State Capitol Commissioners

Call # F613.S8 C2 M6


Minnesota History Society Pamphlet Collection

Pamphlets Relating to the Minnesota State Capitol and Environs

St. Paul, MN  1898

F613. S8 C2

Photos of the grounds surrounding the construction site and later photos of the grounds after the capitol was built. Shows the immediate neighborhoods surrounding the capitol.


Minnesota Board of State Capitol Commissioners

Call # 113.C.1.8F





These specific collections contain specifications, bids, and contract awards for all the construction and interior furnishings for the capitol construction. Extensive and detailed.


Call # 113.C.2.1B

In addition to information re furnishings, this particular file contains detailed payroll information from Dale & Baumgartner, and Butler Brothers and the final settlement with Cass Gilbert showing the names of all the contractors and suppliers and the total amount they were paid.



Butler Brothers Capitol Extra Work Pay Roll, Bill 11270, 1905

Lists specific jobs, such as fastening gallery seats, replacing broken windows, etc. with names, occupations pay rates and hours.


Dale & Bumgardner (subcontractor) payroll records for New Capitol, November 1904 lists names, occupations, hours, pay rates and total monthly compensation.


Historic Preservation Office

National Registry of Historic Places

     Minnesota State Capitol Building

     Casiville Bullard House (bricklayer & stone mason)



Minnesota Historical Society/Museum Collections


Oakland Women’s Temperance Union (St. Paul, Minnesota)

c. 1905/Meeting Announcement

Call # 1989.358.2


Bureau of Labor Statistics, Biennial Report, 1899-1900


Includes information on numbers of people employed, their occupations, working time and weekly wages, inspection reports and accident statistics broken down by occupation.


Labor and Industry Dept., Bureau of Labor Statistics Biennial Reports, 1888-1930


The 1903-04 Report has detailed information on Minnesota accidents and strikes, including a 1904 lockout in Kasota of International Stone Cutters Union quarry workers by C.W. Babcock, which supplied the limestone for the interior of the Capitol. 


Music Collection

     Sheet Music for songs from Capitol Construction period

“The Appeal: Grand Triumphal March” by William A. Weir. St. Paul: W.J. Dyer & Bro.

“Minnesota Street Rag March” by Fred Swanson.  St. Paul: American Music Publishing.   



Fred Danner, Cleveland, MN

Private collection of Kasota, MN area photographs and

documents, including many materials on local limestone industry from Capitol construction period


Georgianna E. Herman Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies Library

The Penny Press 
-Dec 9, 1895; pg. 8; Issue 43; col E/ “Labor Federation Workingmen of the State Discuss Matters of Interest to Their Organization” (Opposes use of convict labor in building Capitol)

-April 21, 1896/ Bids on Capitol foundation
-May 12, 1896; Issue 135; col D/ “Northwest Notes Winona, MN Stone from the Steinbauer quarry...”
-May 1, 1896;pg. 10; Issue 126; col C/ “George J. Grants Gets It”


Immigration History Research Center, Andersen Library, University of Minnesota

Letters and archives of ethnic organizations.

Materials on Capitol sculptor Carlo Brioschi in the John Vannelli collection.  Odone Papers have extensive clippings on the Italian community beginning in early 1900s


Le Sueur County Historical Society

     Photos of Charles Babcock, quarry owner

     Books and pamphlets on history of area stone industry


Minnesota State Capitol Historic Site Office files

Several folders of notes and references to MHS records on Capitol and contact information for several families whose ancestors worked on the Capitol


Northwest Architectural Library, Andersen Library, University of Minnesota

     Books on the Butler Brothers Co. and Minnesota stone

Records of Drake Marble Company and Flour City Iron Works

Two folders of Cass Gilbert-related items including articles from the Improvement Bulletin (See Appendix 7.)


New York Historical Society, Cass Gilbert Collection

Extensive collection of architectural plans, correspondence, other documents and photographs.  (See enclosed guide to these records.)



Ramsey County Historical Society

     No records on Capitol construction found


St. Paul Public Library – St. Paul Collection

     No records on Capitol construction found


Stearns County Historical Society

Extensive collection of photographs, maps, newspaper articles and books on the area granite industry

A Century of Enduring Beauty: Cold Spring Granite Company.

Cold Spring, MN: Cold Spring Granite Co., 2002.


St. Cloud Daily Times

-January 25, 1898,p.2 “May Remove to St. Cloud” Rockville Co.

-September 1, 1898, p. 3/ “Public Auction: Sale of Rockville Granite Company’s Property”

-September 30, 1898 “He Bought the Plant: Henry Alexander Buys the Rockville Granite Co. Outfit”

-February 17, 1913, p. 3/”Rockville Producer Dead” Henry Alexander


Wisconsin Historical Society John R Commons Labor Archive

Extensive collection of many international and local unions’ records, including convention and local minutes.  No references to Minnesota Capitol found in one day exploration.






Andreozzi, John, Personal note cards copied from 1920 Census for St. Paul listing information on all Italians involved in stone work and other construction trades


Calvary Cemetery Burial Records (John Geary)


Family Search: Free Family History, Family Tree, and

Genealogy Records and Resources from Around the World


Georgia USGenWeb Archives Project,


George Meany Memorial Archives,


Marble Valley Historical Society,


Minnesota Department of Health Barr Library,

Saint Paul, Minnesota


“Nelson Georgia” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,_Georgia


North Georgia Railroad,


Pickens County Library, Pickens County, Georgia,


Scandinavian-American Genealogical Society and the Minnesota Genealogical Society

PO Box 16069

1650 Carroll Avenue

Saint Paul, MN  66116-0069


Stone Quarries and Beyond,



Bowles, Oliver. The Structural and Ornamental Stones of Minnesota.  Bulletin 663. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1918.


O'Sullivan, Thomas. North Star Statehouse: An Armchair Guide to

the Minnesota State Capitol. St. Paul: Pogo Press, 1994.


Thompson, Neil, B. Minnesota’s State Capitol: The Art and

Politics of a Public Building. St. Paul: Minnesota

Historical Society Press, 2005.



Videotaped Interviews


Capitol Dome 2010 Restoration Construction Site

Jason Alferness, Laborers Local 563

Rickey Klande, Bricklayers Local 1

Sean Cotton, Structural Engineer, HGA Architecture

Ginny Lackovic, Architect, HGA Architecture

Harley Meyer, Dome Restoration Project Superintendent,

JE Dunn Construction Co.

Kevin Schenemann, Laborers Local 563

Paul Schwartz, Bricklayers Local 1

Steve Youngstrom, Bricklayers Local 1


Descendants of Capitol Construction Era Workers

Alvin Bous, grandson of stonecutter

Elaine Olson Ekstedt and Linda Olson, great granddaughters of Zebulon Olson Capitol crane operator

Howard Vetter, Chairman Vetter Stone, grandson of Capitol construction era quarry worker Bernard Vetter

Jim Vetter, Manager, Vetter Stone





Hyman Berman, History Professor Emeritus

University of Minnesota


Barbara Bezat, Asst. Archivist

Northwest Architectural Archives, Andersen Library

University of Minnesota


Michael J Bjornberg, AIA
HGA Architects and Engineers


Tom Blanck

Architect, Member of Cass Gilbert Society

Capitol Commission Photo Album, other photographs, research


Kathy Burns

Society Coordinator

Le Sueur County Historical Society


Elaine Challecombe, MLS, Curator

Lois Hendrickson, Assistant Curator

Wangensteen Library of Biology and Science

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Brenda Carriere, Director

Georgianna E. Herman Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies Library, University of Minnesota


Fred Danner

Cleveland, Le Sueur County, MN

Private collector: photographs and documents on the history of Kasota, MN area


Julie Davis

Researcher, MN State Capitol Historic Site


John Decker, Asst. Dir. Of Archives

Stearns County Historical Society


Paul Elliott Dahl, Library Director

Barr Library
, Minnesota Department of Health


Darian Flansburg

Scandinavian-American Genealogical Society

Brainerd, Minnesota


Linda Gieger

Mimi Jo Butler

Marble Valley Historical Museum

Nelson, Georgia


Sharon Jenson, Community Relations Director

Cold Spring Granite Company


Ginny Lackovick


HGA Architects and Engineers


Harley Meyer

Capitol Dome Restoration Project Superintendent

JE Dunn Construction Company


Harry Melander, President

Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council


Marjorie Pearson, Historian

Cass Gilbert Society


Deborah Miller, Reference Specialist

Minnesota Historical Society


Brian Pease, Site Manager

Minnesota State Capitol Historic Site


Peter Rachleff, History Professor

Macalester College


Amy Spong
Historic Preservation Specialist
Department of Planning and Economic Development,

City of Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission


Howard Vetter,

Chairman, Vetter Stone, Mankato MN


James Vetter, Vetter Stone, Mankato MN





Appendix 1


Minnesota Historical Society/Museum Collections-Furniture


Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1990.53.1  

Minnesota State Capitol armchair.

1905 (Cleveland, Ohio : Marble and Shattuck Chair Co.).

Physical Details  

1 item : wood, leather ; 97 x 53 x 46 cm.


Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1988.250.9 1 


Chair from Minnesota State Capitol.



Physical Details  

1 item.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02C


Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1988.250.17 7-9, 19 


Armchairs from Minnesota State Capitol.



Physical Details  

4 items.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02C



Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 70.151 


Slant-front desk.



Physical Details  

1 item ; maple ; 88 (h) x 76 x 62 cm.


Small maple desk used by the Minnesota state legislature has a leather writing surface, rear gallery, and post and ball decoration. Two drawers below the desk top. Base has four turned wood legs and a low shelf with railing.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02F



Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1978.49 


Mahogany kneehole desk.



Physical Details  

1 item ; mahogany, brass ; 80 (h) x 92 x 168 cm.


Mahogany kneehole desk used by governor’s Executive Office Aide, W.F. "Billy" Williams in the Governor’s Reception Room, Minnesota State Capitol, 1905-1957. Symmetrical desk has a tier of four drawers on each pedestal with carved handles, and a sliding wood tray with a brass pull above each tier. Center drawer above kneehole has carved ornament and a brass keyhole rosette. Drawer interiors are notched for insert dividers. Desk has a plinth base and plain exterior sides.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02F



Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1981.5.2 


Gilbert, Cass, 1859-1934, designer.


Leather and mahogany desk chair.



Physical Details  

1 item : mahogany, leather ; 106 (h) x 66 x 52 cm.


Brown leather and mahogany desk chair has a leather upholstered back and seat and eagle’s head arm ends. The swivel base is cross shaped with claw feet on casters. Chair is one of the original furnishing pieces of the Minnesota State Capitol, designed by Cass Gilbert. A small brass tag under the right arm is marked "#584".

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02C


Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1992.150.1 A-E 


Cabinet and bookcase from state office.


[ca. 1900]

Physical Details  

1 item with 5 units : oak, glass ; approx. 199 x 43 x 107 cm.


Cabinet or bookcase of quarter-sawn oak consists of five stacking units: bottom three are hinged double door cabinets with handles at center with holders for labels, top two sections are glass-front barrister’s bookshelves. The latter have "STATE OF MINNESOTA" and "Shaw-Walker" labels, also "1569" in white ink inside one door. Unit has a "376519" state property tag. Used in the secretary of state’s office but not an original example of Cass Gilbert furniture.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02J



Minnesota Historical Society Museum Object Call #: 1990.200.1 


Wooton desk from Governor’s Reception Room in Minnesota State Capitol.


[early 20th century] (Indianapolis, Ind. : Wooten Desk Co.).

Physical Details  

1 item : wood ; 79 x 142 x 85 cm.


Double pedestal desk of unidentified wood made by the Wooton Desk Company, Indianapolis, Ind., early 20th century. Desk top is molded and now has an inset replacement; skirt sides are plain. Desk has a center drawer at front flanked by two smaller drawers, each drawer has two ornate brass drop handles. Desk was used in the Governor’s Reception Room, Minnesota State Capitol Building, Saint Paul, Minn.

Local Note  

Classification no. FU02F


































Appendix 2


List of Contractors on the Capitol Construction, 1896-1905

From Minnesota State Capitol Commissioner’s Board/Minnesota Historical Society Library


In chronological order


Call # 113.C.1.8F


Date                      Category                       Note




Contract with Cass Gilbert

August 1896

Excavation and Foundation

Contract with George Grant Co.

January 1897

Structural Iron and Steel for basement floor

Universal Construction Co.

August 1897

General Construction

Butler-Ryan Co./final statement of general construction

Aug-Oct 1897

Concreting: Sub basement

Lauer Brothers.

March 1900-Dec 1902

Dome construction

Butler-Ryan Co.

July 1901-Nov 1905

Steps and terraces

Butler-Ryan Co.



Call # 113.C.1.9B


Aug 8-10, 1901

Marble carving

Purdy & Hutchinson

Sept 1901-May 1904

Roofing and skylights

Butler Bros.

Oct 1901-Dec 1905

Mechanical equipment


-boiler plant

-power house and tunnel


-electrical generation plant

-electrical wiring

-call bell

-telephone and conduit

-heating and ventilation

WI Gray Co.

Nov 1901-Aug 1904

Timbrel arches

Guastavino Co.

Feb 1902-Dec 1903

Fireproofing, metal furring, lathing, and timbrel arches

Butler-Ryan Co.

Feb 1902-Sept 1905



March 1902-June 1906

Ornamental Iron Work

Flour City Ornamental Works

March 1902

Interior Woodwork

Butler Bros.

Oct 1902-Feb 1905

Interior stone and marble

Butler Bros.

April 1903-June 1905

Painting and glazing

Bazile & Partridge

May 1903-Sept 1905

Artist’s contracts and bills of sale










May 1903-Nov 1904


Otis Elevator

June 1903-Feb 1905

Fireproof vault doors

Diebold Safe and Lock Co.

Aug 1903-April 1907

Metal shelves and cases

Van Dorn Iron Works



Call # 113.C.2.1B


Dec 1903-Feb 1905

Furniture, cabinet works, furnishings, draperies, carpets

Field Schlick & Co.

Mannheimer Bros.

Schuneman & Evans

Herter Bros.

July 1904-April 1905

Electrical light fixtures and registers

Sterling Bronze Co.

Mitchell Vance Co.

Winston Bros.

Oct 1904

Asphalt roads and walkways

Barber Asphalt Co.

May 1905-1906

Sidewalks, curbs, and paving

Barber Asphalt Co.


Metallic fixtures in govenor’s vault

Art Metal Construction Co.

June 1906-June 1907

Approaches and sidewalks

Butler Bros.







Flour City Ornamental Iron Works

Northwest Architectural Archives, Manuscripts Division

213 Elmer L. Andersen Library, University of Minnesota, 222 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455



Guastavino Company

See Wikipedia entry for Guastavino tile and Rafael Guastavino

The records and drawings of the Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company are held by the Department of Drawings & Archives in the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University in New York City.



Bazile and Partridge

Bazille and Partridge, Incorporated -- Paints and Varnishes, 69-73 East Fifth, St. Paul.

Photographer: Charles P. Gibson

Photograph Collection 1920-1926

Location no. MR2.9 SP3.1B p46 

Negative no. 1167-B



Field Schlick

Papers at Minnesota Historical Society

Call # P2473


Mannheimer Brothers/Schuneman’s Inc., company records

Minnesota Historical Society



Herter Bros.

Papers at the The Winterthur Library

The Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera


Mitchell, Vance Company


Wooten Desk

Wooton Patent Desks: A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place  
J. Camille Showalter and Janice Driesbach, editors  Minnesota History Center Library



Appendix 3: Capitol Construction Accidental Deaths

Information File   Updated 2/5/2014


Felix Arthur

John Beirsack

Albert Swanson

Alfred Magnuson

Florian Zauner

John Corrigan

Other Names

Phelix Arthur[i]

John Biessack

John Prershek


L. Magnuson[ii]

Alfred Magnuson[iii]




Place of Birth

Nelson, GA[iv]

Barton, WI ?

(Family lived there)


Sweden, immigration year 1896[v]


Minnesota (adopted by Patrick M. McMahon family)

Birth Year


c. 1861

c. 1870

April 1877

 April 1860

c. 1885


Charles Arthur

Julia Beaver[vi]

Joseph & Anna





Natural Parents:

Edward and Mary Corrigan

Adopted Parents:

Patrick and Molly McMahon









Stone polisher[vii]


Mold caster[viii]

Stone mason[ix]






Georgia: Pike County, GA

491 Wabasha Street,

Saint Paul

3801 Fourth Street North, Minneapolis[xii]

607 Jackson St, Saint Paul, MN

686 West Water Street, St. Paul[xiii]

798 Park Avenue, St. Paul[xiv]

Source of Accident Details

St. Paul Globe[xv]

Minneapolis Tribune[xvi]

Pioneer Press, 10/17/1898

Dispatch, 10/21/1898

St. Paul Globe, 10/22/1898

Warren Sheaf ,


St. Paul Globe[xvii]

St. Paul Globe[xviii]

St. Paul Globe[xix]

St. Paul Globe


Death Date

May 5, 1898

October 20, 1898

April 27, 1900

June 30, 1900

August 4, 1900.

June 26, 1903

Death Place

State Capitol Construction Site, St. Paul, Ramsey Co. Minnesota

State Capitol

Construction Site,

Saint Paul, Ramsey Co., MN

State Capitol Construction Site, St. Paul, Ramsey Co. Minnesota

State Capitol Construction Site, St. Paul, Ramsey Co. Minnesota

State Capitol Construction Site, St. Paul, Ramsey Co. Minnesota

State Capitol Construction Site, St. Paul, Ramsey Co. Minnesota

Cause of Death

Internal injuries-caught in fly wheel of stone polishing machine

Skull Fracture suffered from a fall

Fractured Cervical vertebra[xxi]

Fractured skull[xxii]

Severe injuries from a fall

Skull fracture, Cervical vertebra fracture[xxiii]

Death Certificate



Death Certificate Card

Death Certificate Card

Death Certificate card

Coroner’s Record Book

Grave location

Bethesda Baptist Church, Nelson, GA

Old Saint Mary’s  Cemetery,

West Bend, Wisconsin

Minneapolis Pioneers and Memorial Cemetery

Burial Date: 4/30/1900

Grave 4F-N 5R

Lot 4

Block 3



St. Rose of Lima Cemetery, Cherry Grove, Goodhue County, MN

Section 59

Grave photo








[1] US Census 1900, Ramsey County, Saint Paul, Minnesota




[i] From US Census Records

[ii] From The Saint Paul Globe, Saturday, June 30, 1900

[iii] From Minnesota Health Department Death Record Cards 1900, A-R, Roll 2

[iv] Mimi Jo Butler, Marble Valley Historical Museum, Nelson, Georgia

[v] From US Census 1990, Ramsey Co, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

[vi] From US Census 1880 for Georgia, Pickens County. Family was enumerated in Grassy Knob District (GMD 1099) of Pickens County, Georgia. National Archives, Micro Publication, T9, Reel 161.

[vii] From Mimi Jo Butler, Marble Valley Historical Museum, Nelson, Georgia

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NOTE: The Minnesota State Capitol Commission and Cass Gilbert papers both report the accidental deaths of six workers on the Capitol construction. 

Another serious accident was a fall by Vernon Cole (aka William), whose 70-foot drop was reported on May 20, 1899.  The height of the fall and severity of skull and spinal injuries led a physician quoted in a newspaper article to say that William (Vernon) was unlikely to survive.  There was no follow-up article and some may have counted him among the job’s fatalities. However, he did live until 1950 at age 69 and was married. 



Another death which may have been related to the Minnesota statehouse construction occurred offsite, but nearby. Michael McNierney, a teamster who was hauling sand for an unnamed construction project within a few blocks of the Capitol, was crushed to death when his load overturned.  He died the same day as Cole’s accident.  The articles for both are " A Chapter of Accidents" and "His Life Crushed Out," Minneapolis Tribune, May 21, 1899, page 7.