Historical Resources on the Georgia Marble Industry

Marble Quarry, Pickens County, GA
Marble Quarry, Pickens County, GA
Photo courtesy of Georgia Historical Society

Click here for a link to a digitized copy of the original book on the the state's marble deposits and quarries written within a decade after the decision was made to use Georgia marble for the exterior of the Minnesota State Capitol.
McCallie, Samuel Washington (1856-1933). A Preliminary Report On the Marbles of Georgia. 2d ed. Atlanta: The Franklin-Turner co., 1907

See also:
Daneker, Jerome G. The Romance of Georgia Marble. Baltimore: Thomsen-Ellis Company, 1927)

Davis, Robert, S. "Georgia History in Pictures." Georgia Historical Quaterly, Fall 2005, Vol. 89 Issue 3, p368-388, 21p, 7 Black and White Photographs.                                                                       This article investigates the history of the Georgia Marble Company and the marble industry in Georgia. In 1837 a group of Savannah investors incorporated a company called the Georgia Marble Company, with the intention to develop a marble industry in the state. Other marble works opened near Jasper, the seat of newly created Pickens County and near what had been the Marble Head post office. Despite these dealings, census takers found no marble works operating in Pickens County in 1870 or 1880.