Georgia Marble

Georgia Marble-quarry view
Steam-powered hoist at edge of quarry used to lift blocks of marble from the pit onto railroad cars, Pickens County, Georgia.
Photo from Georgia Historical Society.

One of the most spectacular visual aspects of the Minnesota Capitol is the marble covering the exterior of the upper part of the building. The decision to use marble was made by Cass Gilbert and it proved to be very controversial. The road from the marble quarries in Pickens County, Georgia, to the face of the Capitol is a detailed one and it is reproduced here with photographs, newspaper articles, and political cartoons. This section of the website is divided into two secondary sections:
The first details the decision to use Georgia marble, the reaction to this decision, and the Butler Brothers' efforts to secure enough marble for the project.
The second shows the marble quarries in Pickens County, Georgia today along with interviews of contemporary quarry workers and other information (currently under construction).

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